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Halloween and your Doodle

Posted On: September 29, 2015

Autumn has arrived. Halloween costumes and candy have hit the store shelves. Have you thought about dressing up your Doodle?

There are definitely some safety concerns about costumes. Make sure that your Doodle is comfortable. The costume should never obscure their vision or block nose or mouth. It should not constrict movement, hearing, or the ability to breathe or bark. Any attachment on the costume must be securely attached, so it does not become a choking hazard. It is a good idea to try on the costume. If they seem distressed, allergic, or show abnormal behavior, consider letting them go in their “birthday suit.” Festive bandanas work for party poopers.

Keep Halloween from being a nightmare for your dog. Check out our list of safety tips:

Collar & ID - Constant doorbell ringing can be stressful. Strangers will be dressed in costumes and yelling loudly for their candy. This is scary for our furry friends. Dogs are especially territorial and may become anxious and growl at innocent trick-or-treaters. Putting your dog in a secure room away from the front door will also prevent them from darting outside into the night … a night when no one wants to be searching for a lost loved one.

Halloween Candy - Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Many sugar-free candy and gum contain the sweetener xylitol, that can also be poisonous. The candy wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed.

Keep lighted pumpkins out of your dog's reach - Should they get too close, they run the risk of burning themselves or knocking it over and causing a fire.

Keep wires and electric light cords out of reach - If chewed, your pet could cut himself or herself on shards of glass or plastic, or receive a possibly life-threatening electrical shock.

A safe Doodle is a happy Doodle!