Our Daddies

All of our breeding dogs are hip, elbow, heart and eye certified by OFA. They are clear of PRA, EIC and VWD

Waltzing Matilda's Baron Von Toper


Sire - Jubilee Butterscotch Ripple

Dam - Waltzing Matilda's February Daphne

Color - Apricot Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 16"

Toper was born on 10/18/2015 to Butterscotch & Daphne.

Lakewood Magnificent Murray Brown


Sire - Tampa Bay Boy Wonder

Dam - Saint Genevieve of Paris

Color - Chocolate Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 19"

Murray was born on 4/11/2017 to Boy Wonder & Genevieve.

Long island north pole buddy


Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

Dam - Long Island Lulu Lollipop

Color - Red Tuxedo

Coat - Fleece

Size - 16"

Buddy was born on 12/25/17 to Logan & Lulu.

Long island Bailey Irish Mist


Sire - Hilltop's Rocky Mountain Dream

Dam - Long Island Fair Noble Nola

Color - Chalk

Coat - Fleece

Size - 14"

Baily was born on 07/30/19 to Rocky & Nola.

Long Island Friar Tucker


Sire - Nutmeg Captain's Little Keeper "Oliver"

Dam - Long Island Playful Piper

Color - Caramel

Coat - Fleece

Size - 16"

Tucker was born on 10/31/2019 to Oliver & Piper.

Labradoodles By Design Finn's Rainbow


Sire - Labradoodles By Design Col Mustard

Dam - Labradoodles By Design Roxie

Color - Red

Coat - Fleece

Size - 16"

Finn was born on 11/9/2019 to Col Mustard & Roxie.