Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Labradoodles of Long Island are proud to have several dogs certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs Inc.

The dogs are evaluated and trained to visits to hospitals, schools, nursing homes and special needs group homes. These special animals bring happiness and cheer to people, young and old alike. The canine interaction benefits people in many ways. Dogs are non-judgmental. Their calming effect lowers blood pressure, relaxes patients and brings a smile to their faces. Reading programs in schools help the children relax, while patting the attentive dog, and focus on the reading. Reading improves because the child is practicing the skill of reading, building self-esteem, and associating reading with something pleasant.reading with something pleasant.

Ashley and Madison enjoy their work. Labradoodles love people. It is really heartwarming to see them do this kind of work.

Therapy DogsTherapy DogsTherapy Dogs

Leeway School - Special Education Preschool

Therapy Dogs
Labradoodles of Long Island have been trained for Scent Imprinting and Scent Training for Diabetes Alert Dogs (DADs). These dogs are trained for warning their people about dangerous glycemic lows and high. This is Oreo. He is as sweet as his name and has a very important job.
Therapy Labradoodles
We have a puppy that went to a home with a teenager who has Autism. Autism Service Dogs can help reduce the anxiety and enhance the socialization skills of children with Autism Syndrome Disorders. Einstein is thrilled to be Joseph's best friend.
Therapy Labradoodles
Hudson is the newest staff member of the Branch Funeral Homes Smithtown and Miller Place. Hudson is working on his therapy dog certification and will be available to comfort families by January, 2019. Read more about Hudson here.

Eileen & puppy Harry visited the Bridging Kids Integrated Playgroups.

The kids learned all about therapy dogs.

Therapy Labradoodles

Halloween at the May Moore Primary School in Deer Park.

Mr Franco's Special Education Class Halloween Party

Therapy LabradoodlesTherapy LabradoodlesTherapy Labradoodles Therapy LabradoodlesTherapy LabradoodlesTherapy Labradoodles Therapy LabradoodlesTherapy LabradoodlesTherapy Labradoodles

Visiting Day at Wood Haven Nursing Home

Therapy LabradoodlesTherapy DogsTherapy Dogs Therapy DogsTherapy Labradoodles