Retired Grandparents

Our Loving Retirees

Amber Honey Gold (retired)


Amber was part of our family from July, 2003 until she sadly passed away in December 2013. She came from an AKC breeder in the New York Adirondack Mountains. Her rose nose and charismatic personality, made her our pick from the litter. She was a large boxy bone, Yellow Labrador with a deep amber coat. She loved the water and had the perfect combination of grace and agility.

Amber became our foundation dog in the Labradoodle line.

Tov, Amber's mate was an AKC Standard Parti Poodle with perfect black and white markings. He stood 26" at the withers and had a sleek build with a hint of silver in his white. Amber had 10 puppies in her first litter and 12 in her second.

Amber has left a loving legacy of 150+ bundles of puppy love.

Lady Ashley Gold (retired)


Ashley is Labradoodles of Long Island's first F1 Labradoodle. Ashley is now retired and works as registered therapy dog. She has an apricot hair coat and stands 26" at the withers. Her sweet and loving personality make her the perfect choice to do therapy work. She visits nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She also works with at risk children in their school. By sitting down next to and reading to the dog, all threats of being judged are put aside. The child relaxes, pats the attentive dog, and focuses on the reading. Reading improves because the child is practicing the skill of reading, building self-esteem, and associating reading with something pleasant.

Princess Madison Gold (retired)


Madison is Labradoodles of Long Island's second F1. She has an apricot coat and stands 27" at the withers. She retired in 2013 and is going through her Therapy Dog evaluation. Madison was the perfect Mom and was featured on Animal Planet's show "Too Cute" with her litter. Reruns of her are still being aired. If ever there was a Labradoodle meant to be a mother it was Madison. I don't think it is possible to find a more devoted, more attentive, more involved mother.

Long Island Macy Mae (retired)


Sire - Canadoodle Sable's Kodiak

Dam - Long Island Princess Madison Gold

Color - Chalk

Coat - Wool

Size - 21"

Macy was born on 9/19/11 to Madison and Kodiak. He was from Aussie Doodles and had a beautiful curly chocolate coat. She is the first Labradoodle of Long Island to carry the Australian bloodline. Her ancestors began at Rutland Manor in Australia. She is a gorgeous Chalk curly coat with a hint of silver. She stands at 22" at the withers and carries the Parti gene. We call her our Tomboy. She always has a ball in her mouth and is ready to play, but she looks like a little princess.

Long Island Mischievous Taylor (retired)


Sire - Waltzing Matilda's Keen L'il Digger

Dam - Long Island Princess Madison Gold

Color - Chalk Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size -22"

Taylor was born on 3/21/13. She has a lustrous, fleece Cream coat. Taylor is happiness with four legs. When she runs, the breeze flows through her coat like magic. Taylor is a 50 pound showstopper. Her first litter of puppies were born in September, 2014 and her second litter was born on Mother's Day 2015. Taylor's mother is Madison and her father is L'il Digger from Waltzing Matilda Labradoodles. Her bloodline goes back to Tegan Park, Australia and she carries the Parti gene.

Long Island Midnight Molly (retired)


Molly was born on 6/6/12. She too carries the Rutland Manor Bloodline. She has an awesome Black curly coat with a hint of blue luster in the sunlight. At 32 pounds, she is a ball of fun. Molly was the star of Animal Planet's "Too Cute" when she was a puppy. She lives with a guardian family and a Goldendoodle in Port Jefferson. The two doodles are often seen sleeping together with their paws around each other. It is a real love affair. Her first litter of puppies were born on 2/18/14.

Long Island Setauket Scout (retired)


Scout was also born on 9/19/11. She is from the same litter as Macy. She is a delicious Chocolate curly coat and is 35 pounds. She lives in a guardian home in Smithtown. Her mom, dad and two human siblings Sofia and Dylan can't stop talking about how wonderful she is. She loves playing in the yard with them.

Long Island My L'il Tula Rula (retired)


Tula is our first multi-gen Australian Labradoodle of Long Island. She has a laid back personality but is feisty enough to on the top of the puppy wrestling match. She lives with a guardian family with three human siblings and a standard Australian Labradoodle brother.

Long Island Sweet Lily Belle (retired)


Lily was born on 9/24/14. This little darling was born to Labradoodles of Long Island's Midnight Molly and Waltzing Matilda's T-Boh. Her parti coat is the perfect combination of tan and white. She has a great personality and loves to play with humans and doodles alike

Long Island Penny Lane (Retired)


Sire - Cream Puff's Deliverance

Dam - Long Island Setauket Scout

Color - Cream

Coat - Fleece

Size - 16"

Long Island Scarlett Night Sky (retired)


Sire - 2 Sister's Waltzing Matilda's Parrish Boys Progress

Dam - Long Island's Mischievous Taylor

Color - Red Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 18"

Scarlett Night Sky was born on a scarlet night sky on 9/29/14. Her mother is Labradoodles of Long Island's Mischievous Taylor and father is Waltzing Matilda's Parish Boy Progress. She is a mini at 25 pounds. She is loved by her guardian family. Her human grandparents also have two of our handsome doodles. We can expect her first litter in the Spring of 2016.

Long island Hazelnut Delight (retired)


Sire - Cream Puff's Prince Harry

Dam - Long Island's Mischievous Taylor

Color - Caramel and White Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 17"

Hazel was born on Mother's Day 5/10/15 to Taylor and Prince Harry. She has a stunning tuxedo coat with red and lots of white on her head, chest and paws. She lives in an action packed guardian home with her human siblings along with a doodle named Hank and a cat. Belly rubs are her avorite! We expect her first litter in December, 2016.

Long Island lulu lollipop (retired)


Sire - Waltzing Matlida's Crimson Cymry

Dam - Long Island's Penny Lane

Color - Red Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 15"

Lulu was born on 1/20/16. Lulu is a real lover. As a mini, she will be about 20 pounds full grown. We see a lot of laps in her future. She is living with a wonderful guardian family. Her human sister is so excited to play with her when she is not in school.

Long Island Lil Lola (Retired)

Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

Dam - Long Island Macy Mae

Color - Cream

Coat - Fleece

Size - 17"

Lola was born on 9/08/16 to Logan and Macy.

Long Island Jersey boy Logan (retired)


Sire - Fluffy's Pyrotechnics

Dam - Cream Puff's Besa de Fuego

Color - Red Tuxedo Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 17"

D.O.B - 5/3/2015

Long Island Lady Esme (retired)

Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

Dam - Long Island Saltwater Taffy

Color - Parti

Coat - Fleece

Size - 17"

Esme was born on 9/01/16 to Logan and Taffy.

Hilltop rocky mountain Dream (retired)

Sire - PR's Labradoodle's I'm on a Mission "Hudson

Dam - Hilltop's Candy

Color - Lavender Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 15"

D.O.B -

Rocky is an adorable 15" Chocolate Abstract bbEe. He is a dream to have around!

Long Island Saltwater Taffy (retired)


Sire - Waltzing Matlida's Tyson's Matty Boh

Dam - Long Island Midnight Molly

Color - Carmel White Parti Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 21"

Taffy is the sweet daughter of Labradoodles of Long Island's Midnight Molly and Waltzing Matida's T-Boh. She was born on 9/24/14. She is a real party girl with a parti coat. The backyard is her favorite place. Taffy is lucky enough to live at Labradoodles of Long Island. She has lots of doodles to play with. Her first litter was born in September, 2016.

Long Island Fair Noble Nola (retired)


Sire - SD's Rebel with a Cauz

Dam - Long Island Lil Tula Rula

Color - Apricot Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 15"

Nola was born on 10/19/15 to Tula and Rebel.

Long Island Skylar Storm (retired)

Sire - Waltzing Matilda's Baron Von Toper

Dam - Long Island Penny Lane

Color - Caramel Cream

Coat - Fleece

Size - 16"

Skylar was born on 3/24/2017 to Toper and Penny.  Skylar is our petite girl who lives with her two human brothers.  Skylar can be found taking a dip in the pool with her family.

Long Island Eleanor Rigby (retired)

Sire - Hilltop's Rocky Mountain Dream

Dam - Long Island Scarlet Night Sky

Color - Chocolate

Coat - Fleece

Size -

Ellie was born on 8/26/2017 to Rocky & Allie.

Long Island Electra

Sire - Waltzing Matilda's Baron Von Toper

Dam - Long Island Lil Lola

Color - Red & White Parti

Coat - Fleece

Size -

Electra was born on 8/21/2018 to Toper & Lola.

Long Island Luna Moon Beam

Sire - Skyedoodles Over The Moon Finn

Dam - Long Island Mischievous Taylor

Color - Chocolate

Coat - Fleece

Size -

Luna was born on 1/19/2018 to Finn & Taylor.  Luna is the sweetest girl and loves her Aunt Abby who is also one of our Labradoodles.  Luna can be found romping in the yard with all her dog friends including some of her babies from previous litters.  Luna loves to be pet and will let you know by taking your hand with her paw and pulling it towards her.