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Nov 02, 2015


The holidays are rapidly approaching, and sometimes our Doodles are not welcome to join the rest of the family. As soon as your dates are confirmed, it is time to make your pet's reservations. Don't think of it as a punishment for your Doodle - boarding can be a fun, interactive experience for your dog to enjoy themselves in. Think of it as your pet's own private vacation.

Boarding options can include boarding in a private home or a pet hotel. Guests spend the day playing with friends, chasing tennis balls, playing tug-a-rope and being pampered by a caring staff in a climate-controlled facilities. They can relax in their own private suites, and some kennels even offer grooming (Sounds like my kind of spa vacation!). Many locations even allow for a "test run" of their accommodations, which will make the transition easier for both the humans and canines. Don't be afraid to ask questions: Kennels are used to dealing with doggie parents. Make sure that your pet is prepared by making sure that all immunizations are up to date, packing food and a favorite toy.

Familiar items can reduce your Doodle's stress levels. Dogs can pick up on their owner's emotions, so try to be happy and excited as you prepare for the drop-off. Photos, videos and webcams let you see your Doodle playing since a phone call doesn't suffice. Staff understand how you feel about your pets, and will make sure that they'll enjoy their stay - making the kennel their away from home.

Another option would be to have a pet sitter come to your home - a perfect option for pets who don't get allow with other animals.

There is no need to feel guilty about going on vacation without your pet - these pet resorts have thought of everything to make your fur-baby feel comfortable in your absence.

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