Pawsome Thanks!

Here are some of our labradoodle puppy owners and what they have to say about us!


We just wanted to write and thank you for everything! Our best friend was born at Labradoodles of Long Island. Cookie is smart, social, playful and cuddly. We love her so much and she has truly changed our lives.

You patiently answered all of our first time pet owner questions (even when I called you on Christmas Eve!).

Cookie loves going for rides in the car. She has received many compliments at red lights. We have gotten used to people stopping us and asking about our pretty girl. We can't say Labradoodles of Long Island fast enough!

We are thinking that Cookie needs a sister. So we'll be in touch very soon.

Debbi, Jon, Adam & Zach

Update:  On Memorial Day weekend 2017 our sweet Mallow came home.  She is a real Parti girl in every sense.  


We had a wonderful experience getting our puppy Brody from Eileen at Labradoodles of Long Island. We live locally, so being able to meet the puppies and see the home where they were bred made our decision so easy. Eileen treats these puppies like her own and you can tell they are loved and nurtured right from the start. We are so in love with our smart and loving puppy Brody. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!!--Jessica Siemes

Dear Eileen,

We cannot begin to tell you how much joy Charlie has brought into our lives.  He weighs 18 pounds now and since he has had all of his shots, he has been enjoying walks around the neighborhood!  We thought that you would enjoy seeing how big Charlie has become.  

Thank you again!

Update: October 2016

Joe & I wanted to let you know how wonderful Charlie is doing. Charlie has some really exciting news. "He is going to be a big brother!" We are so excited and thankful that our son will have the gift of having such an amazing dog in his life.  

Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our new baby doodle. Of course, she got a clean bill of health from the vet. She is "sleeping through the night," something the kids never did, and definitely gets that pishies and poopties should be made in the back yard in her "area." She is learning that "let's go home" means playtime in the yard is over and she runs after me to the door. She is sweet and affectionate.

Thank you for raising such great dogs!

Thanks so much!
Madeline Schmuckler



Hope you are well.

Fozzie is doing great. You were 100% correct about his personality-he is nothing but full of love and fun.

I assume it’s inherent in the breed, but this dog is crazy smart.

He has certainly gotten under our skin. He loves both my daughter and I. He is madly in love with Ilene. As soon as she comes home from work, he is glued to her ankles.

He is getting adjusted to going between the city and LI. He is finally pooping outside in the city-now we just have to get him to pee outside as well.

 I’ll send some photos shortly-he is growing every day.

 Be well.

 Best regards,

 Paul Cohen

We must say that we are very pleased with Emma. She is a great dog: beautiful coat, soft personality, friendly. We really hit the jackpot!
Thanks. Every time we walk her people stop and ask and pet her. They even have their taxi stop and roll down the window to ask! Typical comment: "she wins the prize for cute!"

By the way I frequently mention Labradoodles of Long Island.

Don Johnson

Hi Eileen.

I gave your number to yet another friendly stranger who couldn't get over how beautiful and friendly Slater is.

I can't begin to describe to you how amazing Slater has been since the day we brought her home.  She has the most incredible temperament - playful when my kids want to play, and chill when we are all just hanging around relaxing.  She has never chewed up anything in my home (other than her chew toys) and was easily trained to sit, stay, come and 'drop it'. She was also easily house trained.  She is now (at 6 months old) beginning to play fetch and is happiest when everyone in the family is close by.   She is at ease during the week when we are in the city or in the country at our weekend home. She has brought an immeasurable amount of joy and happiness to our family. 

Thank you!

The Rosans


Dear Eileen,

Chris and I just want to let you know how much we appreciate you coming to the hospital! And just being so flexible with everything.  We are enjoying Curly so much!  She is a sweetie!  

Love and thanks,

Alex, Chris, Amelia, Emma, Kailey, Brewer and Curly

Hi Eileen.
Karolina and I can’t tell you enough how much we love our new puppy. He is just the best little dog in the world. We can’t thank you enough for the new addition to our family. We absolutely love him and adore him and I’ve already given your info out 3 times. LOL.
Thank you again for Simba. We couldn’t be happier!!!
Stu and Karolina