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How would you best describe you or your family’s activity level and how will a new puppy/dog fit into it?
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*Do you own your own home?
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*Are you or is everyone in the family prepared to invest the time and commitment required to raise a puppy over the next year?
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How would you describe YOUR energy level and that of the other members of the family?
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To begin the adoption process, please submit your application online. Type in your answers on your computer in the spaces provided, and then click on the submit button below to send it to us. PLEASE ONLY FILL OUT IF YOU'RE BUYING A PUPPY.

Please note: Special requests are not guaranteed, but we do our best. Something to consider; it is more important to find the best possible all around fit for your family. The more flexible you are with gender and color the easier it is to accomplish the goal of bringing home the best possible personality match who will be the puppy of your dreams!

Please see F.A.Q for more information for questions you may have.