Our Mommies

All of our breeding dogs are hip, elbow, heart and eye certified by OFA.  They are clear of PRA, EIC and VWD



  Sire - Waltzing Matilda's Keen L'il Digger

  DamLong Island Princess Madison Gold

  Color - Chalk Bbee

  Coat - Fleece

  Size -22"

  Taylor was born on 3/21/13.  She has a lustrous, fleece Cream coat.  Taylor is happiness with four    legs.  When she runs, the breeze flows through her coat like magic.  Taylor is a 50 pound  showstopper.  Her first litter of puppies were born in September, 2014 and her second litter was  born on Mother's Day 2015.  Taylor's mother is Madison and her father is L'il Digger from Waltzing  Matilda Labradoodles.  Her bloodline goes back to Tegan Park, Australia and she carries the Parti  gene.



  Sire - Waltzing Matlida's Tyson's Matty Boh

  Dam - Long Island Midnight Molly

  Color - Carmel White Parti Bbee

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 21"

  Taffy is the sweet daughter of Labradoodles of Long Island's Midnight Molly and Waltzing Matida's    T-Boh.  She was born on 9/24/14.  She is a real party girl with a parti coat.  The backyard is her  favorite place.  Taffy is lucky enough to live at Labradoodles of Long Island.  She has lots of doodles  to play with.  Her first litter was born in September, 2016.



  Sire - Cream Puff's Prince Harry

  Dam - Long Island's Mischievous Taylor

  Color - Caramel and White Bbee

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 17"

  Hazel was born on Mother's Day 5/10/15 to Taylor and Prince Harry.  She has a stunning tuxedo    coat with red and lots of white on her head, chest and paws.  She lives in an action packed guardian  home with her human siblings along with a doodle named Hank and a cat. Belly rubs are her avorite!  We expect her first litter in December, 2016.



  Sire - SD's Rebel with a Cauz

  Dam - Long Island Lil Tula Rula

  Color - Apricot Bbee

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 15" 

  Nola was born on 10/19/15 to Tula and Rebel.

 Long Island lulu lollipop


  Sire - Waltzing Matlida's Crimson Cymry

  Dam - Long Island's Penny Lane

  Color - Red Bbee

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 15" 

  Lulu was born on 1/20/16.  Lulu is a real lover.   As a mini, she will be about 20 pounds full grown.     We see a lot of laps in her future.  She is living with a wonderful guardian family.  Her human sister    is so excited to play with her when she is not in school.

 LONG ISLAND Lady esme

  Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

  Dam - Long Island Saltwater Taffy

  Color - Parti

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 17" 

  Esme was born on 9/01/16 to Logan and Taffy.

 LONG ISLAND lil lola

  Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

  Dam - Long Island Macy Mae

  Color - Cream

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 17" 

  Lola was born on 9/08/16 to Logan and Macy.

 LONG ISLAND ruby mae

  Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

  Dam - Long Island Scarlet Night Sky

  Color - Red

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 15" 

  Ruby was born on 1/13/17 to Logan and Allie.

 Long Island Skylar Storm

  Sire - Waltzing Matilda's Baron Von Toper

  Dam - Long Island Penny Lane

  Color - Caramel Cream

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 16" 

  Skylar was born on 3/24/2017 to Toper and Penny.

 Long Island Toasted Marshmallow Cloud

  Sire - Waltzing Matilda's Baron Von Toper

  Dam - Long Island Macy Mae

  Color - Caramel and White Parti

  Coat - Fleece

  Size - 17" 

  Mallow was born on 3/30/2017 to Toper and Macy.