Our Daddies

All of our breeding dogs are hip, elbow, heart and eye certified by OFA.  They are clear of PRA, EIC and VWD




Sire - Jubilee Butterscotch Ripple

Dam - Waltzing Matilda's February Daphne

Color - Apricot Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 17"

D.O.B - 10/18/2015

Toper is Labradoodles of Long Island's newest stud muffin.  He is a perfect medium size and is as royal as his name.  His coat is silky soft.  He carries the parti gene, so we are looking forward to lots of gorgeous puppies from him early 2017.

Hilltop rocky mountain Dream

Sire - PR's Labradoodle's I'm on a Mission "Hudson

Dam - Hilltop's Candy                  

Color - Lavender Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 15"

D.O.B - 

Rocky is an adorable 15" Chocolate Abstract bbEe.  He is a dream to have around!                                                                



Lakewood Magnificent murray brown

Sire - Tampa Bay Boy Wonder

Dam - Saint Genevieve of Paris      

Color - Chocolate Bbee

Coat - Fleece

Size - 18"

D.O.B - 4/11/2017

Murray is a solid Chocolate.

Long island north pole buddy

Sire - Long Island Jersey Boy Logan

Dam - Long Island Lulu Lollipop   

Color - Red Tuxedo

Coat - Fleece

Size - 15"

D.O.B - 12/25/17

Buddy was our Christmas present in 2017. He is just like Santa very jolly and gay. Buddy lives in a guardian home with 3 very active little boys who play everyday with Buddy.

long island sir maxwell

Sire - Hilltop Rocky Mountain Dream

Dam - Long Island Fair Noble Nola

Color - Phantom

Coat - Fleece

Size - 15"

D.O.B - 11/11/2018

Max is a stud puppy in training. We are hoping that he is going to be as good as his house mate/ brother Toper.

LONG ISLAND Mister Martin

Sire - Hilltop Rocky Mountain Dream

Dam - Long Island Skylar Storm

Color - Phantom

Coat - Fleece

Size - 17"

D.O.B - 3/01/19