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The Art of Raising a Puppy

How to be Your Dog's Best Friend
by The Monks of New Skete

Canine Body Language
by Brenda Aloff

How to Raise the Perfect Puppy
Be the Pack Leader
by Cesar Millan

Puppy Culture (Video Series)      by Jane Killon

Labradoodles  - The Owners Guide From Puppy to Old Age                               by Alan Kenworthy

Raising Puppies and Kids                         by Pia Silvant

How to Raise a Puppy
 by Clairice Rutherford

 Animals in Translation                             by Temple Grandin

Using Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior                                      by Temple Grandin

Animals Make Us Human
by Temple Grandin

Through a Dog's Ear                                   (Audio Series)

The Other End of the Leash                       by Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D

Puppy Problems? No Problem                by Brenda Aloff

The Focused Puppy
by Deborah Jones

Songs of the Gorilla Nation My Journey Through Autism
by Dawn Prince-Hughes

Patiricia B. McConnell Ph.D                   (Video Series)

Australian Labradoodles - The Ultimate Australian Labradoodle Dog Manual                                                     by George Hoppendale & Asia Moore

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